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We live in uncertain times. That goes not just for what's happening in the world around us. It also applies to our personal lives.

That's why we have insurance to protect our homes and our responsibilities when the unexpected happens. 

But you're busy. Yet you want the best insurance for your home, at the best price.

We'll fix that for you. Right here. Right now. That's why Solutions is part of our name. 

As in independent agent, we work alongside all the best insurers, so we can shop around to secure the policy that's right for your needs and your budget -- while you get on with your life.

Customized Home Insurance in Austin and San Antonio

Depending on your type of home and whether you own it or rent it, homeowners insurance and renters insurance differ both in what they cover and the levels of risk.

So, at BIG Insurance Solutions, we customize a policy that precisely meets your needs -- working one-to-one with you.


Policy essentials include:

  • Home liability insurance. This protects you against claims, lawsuits and medical costs for damage and bodily injury suffered by a visitor to your home, or outside incidents like dog bites. You need this whether you rent of own.
  • Structural insurance. This covers you for damage to the fabric of your building, including outbuildings, fences, etc, if they're damaged or lost due to perils like fire, vandalism, windstorm, even tree falls. This is chiefly for homeowners. But if you rent, there may be aspects of the inside of your home that also need protecting. We can tell you about that when we understand your needs.
  • Contents insurance for homeowners and renters. All or almost all of your personal property, including appliances and furnishings, will be protected against damage and loss caused by certain perils like fire and theft. Even personal items you take with you when you travel are protected.


Additional policy options include:

  • Additional coverage for special items in your home. This might include unique architectural features, high-value jewelry, expensive electronics items, antiques and other valuable collections. Many people don't realize they need this coverage until it's too late!
  • Flood and other additional perils like blocked drainage not covered by standard policies. We'll talk this through with you. For example, we know which areas are most at risk of flooding -- we have the maps. Again, this is something often overlooked.
  • Umbrella insurance. All standard policies come with specified limits on the total payout amounts. There's some flexibility within these policies to adjust the limits, but a low-cost policy known as umbrella insurance can substantially raise these sums. It kicks in when your standard limits are breached.
  • Special coverage for second homes, condos, ranches and even rental properties you own. Whatever your needs, we have the solution.


Why BIG Insurance is Your Best Option

We can save you time and money when you come to BIG Insurance for your home coverage ­solutions.

We don’t just shop for the best rates but also the best discounts for things like higher deductibles (the amount you pay yourself before your insurance kicks in), multiple policies with the same insurer and special home security provisions.

Furthermore, when you need help, we're right here in Austin and San Antonio. You can meet or speak with your personal coverage specialist, quickly and easily adjust your coverage, get answers to your questions, and enjoy outstanding customer service and claims support.


Why You Should Act Now

Whether you're reviewing your existing coverage (we can do that for you too) or starting out new with your first homeowners insurance or renters insurance policy, you should never risk being uninsured or under-protected.

We're only a click, an email, a phone call or a personal visit away. We can give you a super-fast, no-cost, no obligation quote, or simply answer your questions. That's an unbeatable solution.

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